A downloadable game for Windows

A group of mighty heroes is drinking and relaxing after a long adventure.

As it tends to happen in taverns, a massive fight breaks out.

How to play:

Use your heroes’ Skills to survive the brawl, as they attack and move randomly.
Press 1, 2 or 3 to activate a Skill from one of the 3 heroes. Every skill has a 6 second cooldown.

A random party of 3 is assigned every round, from 4 available characters.


Barbarian - Swirls his axe and pushes everyone around him, causing damage.

Cleric - Heals everyone around him.

Rogue - Teleports away, leaving a decoy that attracts everyone around it.

Wizard - Slows everyone around him for a time.


Lucas Langeloh - Programming, game design

Matheus Tanuri - Art, animation, game design

Vini Capiotti - Art, game design


Pub Brawlers.zip 25 MB


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Very interesting concept. The visuals are excelent, the way the characters move is a nice touch! Seems a very challenging idea to accomplish in 48 hours, good job guys!